How To Incorporate a Company in Colombia?

Engaging in business in Colombia had never been easier. These are the steps that must be followed in order to incorporate a company in Colombia:

  • If the shareholders are not residents in Colombia, and circumstances do not allow them (or their representatives) to travel into the country, they might as well incorporate the company by granting a power of attorney to a third party. Powers of attorney must be submitted with a copy of the identification document of the shareholder (Good Standing Certificate for legal entities and passport for foreign individuals) and be duly apostilled.
  • Afterwards you must proceed to draft (i) the company´s bylaws, for which you should take into account Colombian corporate regulation, which include matters such as, shareholders’ rights, preemptive rights, and corporate governance, among other relevant aspects; and (ii) the legal representatives’ designation letters, which must be submitted with a copy of their identification documents.
  • Once these documents are ready, you must submit a (i) Tax form (Pre RUT, for its acronym in Spanish), which can be virtually filed in the Colombian tax authority´s website, and (ii) a Mercantile form (RUES, for its acronym in Spanish) within the mercantile registry. For the filling of both forms, you must determine your company´s (i) address in Colombia, (ii) email address, and (iii) telephone number (all of which, are services we can provide).
  • Once all the documents are ready, you may proceed to incorporate your Colombian company in the chamber of commerce of the city in which the company will be domiciled, or through their website. Usually, the incorporation process takes about 2 to 7 business days, if all the documentation is correct.

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By admin, June 30, 2021