Invention Patents and Industrial Design Registration

We protect your inventions and scientific discoveries by means of the Patent of Invention and Utility Model, advising your company in the whole patenting process, making the searches of the state of the art, drafting the patent application, requesting the patentability examinations, answering the information requirements made by the registration authority and we are in charge of all the subsequent actions for the maintenance of the patent.

Our firm provides advice in the registration of Industrial Designs, to protect the two-dimensional or three-dimensional external shape of a product that gives it a particular appearance.


We take care of the protection of your literary and artistic works, works of applied art and software, through the registration of works and contracts with the National Copyright Office.

We provide advice in the elaboration of contracts that involve disposition and protection of copyrights.

Trademark Registration

  • Registration of trademarks and slogans

We handle the filing of the application, answering of office action and responses to oppositions of your trademark. Our advice includes tools such as requests for facilitation hearings and negotiation of coexistence agreements.

  • Trademark background search

Before filing a trademark application, it is necessary to make a strategy or analysis of registrability to know in advance the possibilities of oppositions to the application or an eventual decision of refusal by the National Authority.For this reason, a search of phonetic trademark antecedents and a search of the graphic elements of the sign to be registered is performed.

Surveillance service (10 years)

  • Filing of oppositions

We take care of the monitoring and analysis of industrial property gazettes in order to file oppositions against registration applications that have the potential to infringe our clients' trademark rights.

We provide specialized advice in the defense of well-known trademarks and the different intellectual property rights of our clients.

Renewal of trademark registrations

We issue registration renewal alerts and take care of the filing of renewal applications within the terms established by law.

Filing of registration affectations

All the actions subsequent to the granting of the registration are services provided by our firm, such as:

- Annotation of transfers;
- Registration of trademark use licenses;
- Changes of domicile;
- Registration of movable guarantees;
- Renunciation of trademark rights, among others.

Cancellation actions

Our firm provides complete advice in the filing of cancellation actions for non-use, notoriety and vulgarization.